Monique Mills, MBA, PMP
Visionary Business Innovation Leader

Monique Mills received her undergraduate electrical engineering degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology and her MBA, with a concentration in Management of Technology, from the Georgia Institute of Technology.  After many years of corporate industry experience, she took the plunge and stepped out on her own to create and lead the growth of her own technology company as well as a multidisciplinary management consulting company, TPM Focus.  TPM Focus produces innovative business strategies that synchronize marketing, sales, technology, and finances for companies using design thinking, agile methodologies, lean innovation, and Blue Ocean strategies as the foundation. 

Monique's earliest entrepreneurial experience began while simultaneously working in her engineering career.  As a result of her love of real estate and desire to manage her personal investment transactions, she became a licensed Realtor and launched a real estate sales and consulting business to assist other investors in strategic planning and execution of their real estate ventures.  Monique has over a decade of experience and expertise in buying, selling, leasing, and construction management of both residential and commercial properties.  She is a Member of the Atlanta Commercial Board of Realtors.  

The real estate experience combined with constant curiosity and a love of using technology to solve problems, provided the genesis for her first technology company, ThePartyMatch -– a software(SaaS) application designed to match underutilized commercial properties to busy professionals seeking a unique venue for their corporate or social event.  In addition, the technology included artificial intelligence components to provide real-time availability, cost information, customer service, and venue rental details-– it was ahead of it's time.

Monique was requested and honored to pitch ThePartyMatch in a private, invitation-only casting for ABC's Shark Tank, a reality television show for cutting edge entrepreneurs, as well as for Steve Case, an American innovator and Founder of AOL, during his Rise of Rest tour around the nation.  

As a certified PMP (Project Management Professional) with many years of project management experience across several industries and as Principal of TPM Focus, Monique uses a strategic approach based upon PMI Project Management principles, Blue Ocean Strategies, Design Thinking, and Agile and Lean Methodologies to develop innovative ideas into early-stage startup companies and help mature small businesses upgrade and expand their operations with cutting-edge strategies and technologies to remain competitive in the market.  

Monique is an Advisory Board Member for Stem to Market, an initiative by the Association for Women in Science, that
provides entrepreneurial education and support to STEM women with research or technology they want to commercialize.

Monique was selected as a Director for Founder Institute to launch an Atlanta chapter of their idea-stage accelerator and startup launch program and currently serves as a mentor to several tech startup founders.  She is also a mentor for many small business owners in her role as a volunteer for SCORE, a 50 year-old non-profit association supported by the U.S. Small Business Association (SBA) dedicated to helping small businesses get off the ground, grow, and achieve goals through education and mentoring.  Monique received SCORE's Outstanding Mentor Award for 2017.

As a woman in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) for almost two decades, Monique has experienced many challenges and rewards along her journey. She is committed to helping and connecting with others who share the same love of STEM and may be considering pursuing or actively involved in a STEM field. Monique partners with many organizations to support the recruitment, retainment, and advancement of women in STEM-related educational tracks and career fields as well as organizations that incite and support the entrepreneurial spirit in others.

Monique is often an invited speaker on both topics and eagerly accepts opportunities to share her experiences and extend the message of encouragement to diverse audiences. 

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Monique Mills, MBA,PMP 
Speaking Engagements for STEM, Business, and Leadership Topics
- Women LEAD Speaker - Topics: Entrepreneurship, Careers, and Leadership
- Georgia State University 

- Speaker for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Institute - Topic:  True Life: I'm an Entrepreneur
Georgia State University (LINK)

- Judge for Business Plan Competition  
Georgia State University (LINK)

- Speaker for Tech Majors - Topic:  Using Project Management Strategies in New Business Ventures - Georgia Gwinnett College

- Speaker for Panel - Topic: Management of Technology Capstone Project - Georgia Institute of Technology

 - Speaker for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Institute - Topic: Using Your Past Challenges to Motivate Your Future
Georgia State University

- Women In Technology (WIT) Campus Events at various Colleges and Universities in Atlanta (LINK)

- Working Motherhood Podcast with Dr. Portia Jackson (AUDIO)

- Women Entrepreneurs - Interview on The Dana Barrett Show, biz 1190AM WAFS Atlanta (AUDIO)

- Building Your Tech MVP Strategically - Atlanta Technology Angels / LaunchPad2X 

- Female Founders Roundtable - Founder Institute

- Steve Case, Co-Founder of AOL, Rise of the Rest Tour - Business Pitch (LINK)

- NBC's Shark Tank, Private, Invitation-Only Casting (LINK)

- KDH Leadershipforward - Speaker - Topic: Emerging as a Leader

- House of Genius Panelist - Topic:  Pivot or Proceed with Business Venture

- Profitability Revolution Paradigm Internet Broadcasting Channel  - Guest Interviewee - Business Topic: Rent Your Underutilized Commercial Space to Generate More Revenue

- Small Business Development Center - Topic:  Startup Funding 101

- Founder Institute Atlanta - Topic:  Product Development for Tech Startups

- Sales Pitches and Presentations

- Co-Founders and Business Partners in New Ventures
- Business Planning Using the Business Model Canvas

- Creating a Pitch Deck for Investors

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- Steps to Starting a Business from an Idea

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